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Total votes for the Contest "Music for Water" : 1738


The song is about water ,how people in my country get sick because of contaminated water ,am trying to encourage people to keep water safe ,clean so that they won't get sick ,they won't die because it is important for everyone to have clean water ,access to water around the globe
Author : Valeen X
1087 Votes
The song We're one highlights the fact that we are all God's children and we should give a helping hand when needed.
Author : blinkshowtv
118 Votes
This is my third track which I created, during very interesting transformation in my life .. and describes my awakening, winning and hopeful thoughts .. And I think this really express "music for water" because water listens to everything 🙂
Author : ninaaa2021
442 Votes
Summer 2020 being in the house inspired this record. This is simply just a piece of my sweet soul.
Author : kellensimpson
91 Votes