Lumbie Mlambo

Advocate for clean water and Empowering Women Globally

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Lumbie Mlambo Interviewed

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Lumbie Is Interviewed By Vanessa Hundley

Featuring Humanitarian Work Around The Globe

Lumbie Mlambo on CareerCoachTalk Interview Series with Rogers Vigne

Life and JB Dondolo during COVID-19

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JB Dondolo, Inc. Hosts Voices for Water

Honoring extraordinary water changemakers

JB Dondolo and Krannert alumni respond to the Covid-19 crisis

Krannert School of Management spotlight COVID-19 response by JB Dondolo and their alumni Rachel Svetanoff.

JB Dondolo’s Music for Water

An interview with Lumbie Mlambo, Founder of JB Dondolo

JB Dondolo’s Music for Water

Spotlight on Lumbie Mlambo and judges Amanda Abizaid and Paolo Montagni.

Lumbie Mlambo and Rachel Svetanoff join William Sarni and Tom Freyberg to discuss water challenges worsened by COVID crisis.

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Music for Water PSA is on the Valder Beebe Show

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Songsalive! supports Music for Water

A conversation with Lumbie Mlambo

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“By participating in the #musicforwater competition, original water-themed songs will help amplify our message that #water,  #sanitation and #hygiene is a human right and that all communities deserve a voice for water,” Svetanoff says.

Meet the creators of the Music for Water:

Lumbie Mlambo, Beatrice Davis, Rachel Svetanoff, and Ronda Bowen.

A conversation with Lumbie Mlambo & Rachel Svetanoff.

How music is being used to ignite the importance of drinking water worldwide.